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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Welcome to Clacton

I am open seven days a week. I wouldn't call it a gym I would call it a studio, if I call it a gym people will think it is very big but its not its just a studio, it is designed for wing chun and fitness. It is equipped with mirrors, weight a wooden dummy several fitness machines, nothing special just enough for what you want to do. I have iron palm bags, wall bags and punch bags. It has a rubber floor ect. I take children from five years and up, obviously children have their own lesson as you can see from the advert. My mixed lessons are for anyone over the age of ten years old, but as a child progresses in their training, it is at my discression when they go into a mixed lesson. I will also teach disabled people and people who are physically impaired.

Although few people recognize this system, we are not merely another Wing Chun system. We are from Grandmaster William Cheung's side of Wing Chun, friend and personal trainer of the late Bruce Lee and there are only a few clubs in England teaching this system. We stand tenth in direct line from the creator.

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