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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Practician: Eighth Grade

Bon sao, break.
Larp sao from a left or right neutral stance and front fighting stance.
Bon sao pak sao, inside and outside.
Man sao t – step.
Five low bon sao's.

Cow sao followed with three counters.
High cow sao and counter.
Cow sao followed with elbow and counter.
Bon sao, larp sao, break and counter.
Bon sao, larp sao light & heavy pak sao.
Bon sao, larp sao, jut sao.
Step up, larp sao and counter.
Counter front palm with t – step and cow sao followed with side step pak sao then a deep step with jut sao.
Double jut sao, kick up and counter.
Larp sao, man sao, arm lock & two counters.
Fighting chi sao.

To pass this grade you will need to go to other martial arts clubs of your choice i.e., Karate, Boxing, unannounced and spa with another instructor or student in a respectful manner, you are not challenging them just enhancing your techniques and experiencing fresh emotions. This can be done at any time from the fifth grade onwards.


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