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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Andy Ramsey

     How I think of Wing Chun is Speed, Strength and Stamina, which all three factors are needed to work together in order to use the art effectively.

     I joined the Chelmsford Wing Chun class because I needed something to encourage me to drive myself further and push myself more and more out of my comfort zone and gain the self-discipline and confidence in all aspects of my life.

     I live quite far from Chelmsford and travelling down by train to the city for classes frequently does take commitment. But the drive to learn more from this art and to constantly improve my fitness and performance takes a lot of time but it's worth it. After reaching the instructor grade I've started teaching in the Chelmsford classes which helps me look into each technique in far more detail and truly understand if it's effective enough and to use it to its full potential.

     Since I began training in Wing Chun I have noticed great improvement in my coordination, awareness and quick footwork in any given situation. There is no end to learning this art because no matter how long someone has trained there is always new things to learn and improve on and you always need to train and condition yourself to keep up.

     What I respect about this art is that in close quarter contact you can disrupt and control attacks, whilst using what I have been trained at for some time to find gaps and exploit these weaknesses to strike back when under pressure.

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