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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Naturally relaxed Wing Chun Art

Of the thousands of Kung Fu systems, Wing Chun is probably amongst the best known in the world. In genuine martial arts, results are not attained by trickery. We all work hard for enlightenment, but few of us grasp it. To be truly free and independent we have to forget everything which we have in our mind. Once you have recognised the potential of Wing Chun, you will realise it's a very aggressive art which does not stand still, with short range compact strikes and defences. A perfect art for women to learn, after all, Wing Chun was developed by a woman, Ng Mui. The art helps with situations that women may possibly find themselves in when coming under threat of violent assault, as they do not need to be the biggest or the most aggressive to be the victor. If people distort Wing Chun then we must not use them as representatives. They must look to the forebears of Wing Chun and act correctly. Every martial art consists of power, but in Wing Chun we see a different method of projecting that power. Knowing where to strike is not enough. There are numerous details involved in training to attack a human target.

When you perform Sil Lum Tao, the first form of Wing Chun, you take approximately five or ten minutes in a neutral stance with the feet parallel to each other and shoulder width apart. Body weight is evenly distributed, designed for the training of correct breathing, balance, concentration, co-ordination, allowing for a practitioner to move freely in any direction. In that period, you are establishing the internal energy flow.

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