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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Brian Hague

Reasons for joining Wing Chun.

        Although I do quite a manual job that keeps me fairly fit, after turning 30, I wanted to do something that would keep me a even fitter.
        Going to the gym I found a bit boring, and I had always fancied doing a martial art of some kind, but what one? I have 3 sons and had already taken them to karate a few times, but it didn't last long as suits alone cost quite a bit, and I would feel a bit silly wearing a suit, and the thought of fighting bare foot didn't appeal to me either. I had heard of a couple of blokes at work talking about Wing Chun, which I had never heard of, after asking some questions it seamed to tick all the right boxes, and it wasn't far from where I lived. so I thought give it a go. When I first went I was really impressed, the fitness side was good and the techniques made sense. I have continued going now for nearly 6 years, and I am still impressed when learning new moves. My boys are at the right age now, and have started the system, and are enjoying it as much as me which is great.

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