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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Instructor Corin Grant

Martial Arts has always been an obsession for me, long before I physically began to study the arts.

When I was growing up there were few martial art clubs in my area and most of them taught karate. There was no internet so it was hard to find a club that would stand out and many of them claimed to be the best. But then my world stopped when Bruce Lee with his chinese martial arts entered the hollywood screen and in my opinion graced us with his effortless techniques that put him head and shoulders above the rest. (I soon learned that he studied Wing Chun). I knew then that a chinese martial art would suit me best and in 1988 felt comfortable with Chee Kim Thong's Ngor Chor Five Ancestors Traditional Kung Fu which I studied for six years then four years part time after I enrolled in a full time college course. There was much to learn and it took a lot of commitment and the training was tough but I enjoyed it. My instructor died and the school wasn't the same without him so my journey for another traditional art began.

Over the years I tried different styles recommended by friends and associates such as Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Karate and Judo but I felt uncomfortable with the stances, I felt open and there was no freedom of movement.

I moved house to Dunmow and researched many local chinese martial arts clubs and then found the European Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (Chelmsford) where I found it to be the most natural transition for me. Many of the other clubs had glamour and glitz but Mark's classes showed core training with clear explanations and understanding throughout. Whilst attending the classes lead by Master Mark Clark I began to realise the heart of this art. I read up on the late Master Derek Jones and discovered how his influential freedom of expression_ made this the foundation of such a prolific martial art.

In February 2014 I became an Assistant Instructor and opened Dunmow Wing Chun Kung Fu Club under the guidance of Master Mark Clark and started teaching students at a beginners level. The club is going from strengths to strengths and now that Master Artur Lozowski has reached the tenth level I am able to assist him in leading this school to yet further heights in its progress.

Enjoyment, perseverance, commitment, determination, sacrifice, discipline, respect, patience and the will to succeed.

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