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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Dave Driscoll

I met Mark and Frank around 14 years ago; prior to this my experience in martial arts was judo which I did for approx 24 years, in which time I gained a gold and silver medal, during the International events in the late 1970's. I then left that to do jujitsu for the fighting, punches, kicks, which I became a 1st dan in, where as judo is just mainly throws, which is ok, but I wanted to move on from that. I did a bit of kick boxing and western style boxing, my main fighting art is jujitsu and judo, of course I did a lot of weight training, but at this time I have given this up, but I have since retired. Meeting Mark and Frank, they have introduced me to wing chun. At first I fought it, I thought is seemed easy, compared to what I've done, I asked them to spar, and what can I say they blew me apart, and that sold it to me. I have been doing wing chun for 14 years now, I am a seventh grade at the moment, hoping to get my eighth. The art is very superior to most of the things I have touched on; I have looked at other forms of kung-fu. Tiger style, I did for a year, but what I do now is at the top of my tree.

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