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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


The WOODEN DUMMY not just a piece of wood

There are twelve sections to the wooden dummy form to teach you movement for a combat situation, and although not as good as practicing with real opponents the dummy will allow you to strike as hard as you want, repeatedly, without collapsing in pain.

The wooden dummy techniques are the superior techniques of Wing Chun, teaching the student to improve timing and speed of movement through the knowledge of correct direction, angles and accuracy of strikes. The hands, arms and legs then become naturally toughened with the correct co-ordination of technique through the body's flow of movement around the dummy.

It is important to learn the correct ranges of techniques, the meaning of techniques and where to apply the force within these. The dummy improves the combat skills needed for both long and close range fighting techniques and trapping skills. Both advancing and retreating footwork are enhanced and with even weight distribution throughout the form, superior mobility and maximum leverage are attained. Then, as your confidence, reflexes and stamina grow, the dummy will surely come to life breathing alongside you. There are different degrees of consciousness on the wooden dummy, it allows you to express yourself more freely. Even a slight movement of the hand or the taking of a step is done with prime importance, you realize that another dimension of the mind is at work, but you must not be a slave to it.

At this stage you have learned of the breathing movements of the lower belly (or tantian), with relaxed body muscles, flowing with energy. The wooden dummy is the most beneficial Wing Chun training device, its significance cannot be overlooked. It allows a scholar to analysis and sharpen the performance of the various Wing Chun techniques, such as simultaneous defence and attack. What is most important is to learn to take up the correct posture as required at each movement, and to learn to keep on sticking your arms to the dummy, with your eyes open or closed. You should take a serious minded attitude when working on the wooden dummy, because it will never forgive. You should regard the dummy as your true opponent, one who is inclined to attack you at any second, you should not look at your own moves, look solely at the head of the dummy.

The most well known dummy employed is what is called the live wooden dummy, which is supported by two wooden pillars and two cross bars which allows it to rebound when being struck. It makes a favourable substitute for an opponent. It is of the utmost importance that a Wing Chun practitioner has access to regular practice on a dummy. You should enjoy, and feel free, empty you mind, let your techniques flow, like the air that you breath, the colours that you see, the sounds that you hear and the objects that you feel, then you will sincerely develop the right attitude to train on the wooden dummy properly. It becomes a way of life, the boundaries between master and pupil disappear in a profound flow of pure existence.

Our objective is to penetrate the profound origins of thought.

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