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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Outstanding street fighter

Our Master Derek Jones trained under Grandmaster Victor Kan for 9 years, and was considered to be the best wing chun fighter in London at that time. But found he needed to make many adjustments to the system especially when it came down to real experiences. The footwork that he was taught from Grandmaster Victor Kan did not work for him.

He then went on to study Grandmaster William Cheung's art of wing chun, and found that Grandmaster Cheung's footwork was very similar to his own principles, that he had developed on the streets himself over time.

Master Derek Jones took Grandmaster William Cheung's art of wing chun and then, in our opinion, improved it. Calling it the The British Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, and this is what Frank and I teach today, not The World Body, Mind and Spirit Association which it later became known as. Frank and I were the first of Derek's students to teach this system, and have continued to teach this same system to the present day. We have always the had the courage to stand up and market a new and improved wing chun, which is what Derek Jones taught us to do. Wing Chun is an amazing system. We are not saying we are the best, we just do what we know.

Derek asked us to go around to other clubs and take on any instructor, to enhance our techniques. Often Derek would receive a phone call from the other instructors asking us to back off, as we were going round numerous clubs at that time. Derek thought this was great, this is just what he wanted. Whenever we went to another club we were always respectful and the same rules apply to our students today. We trained under Grandmaster William Cheung for a short while, but he soon realized there was nothing he could teach us and told us this. Then he asked us to join his association, and teach his wing chun in the UK, but we declined as Derek Jones was our master.

We never classed our Master Derek Jones as a god, like some of Master Derek Jones students did, and still do today. Although we do believe he was an outstanding fighter.

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