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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Master Frank Roach

        I joined Pete's club because I was always a fan of Bruce lee, and wanted to do wing chun. As I was walking along the road in Clacton one day, and saw an advert in a laundrette for ving tsun, I had herd of wing chun but not ving tsun, and I stood for a moment and thought are these the same thing, the same art, so I thought I should go along and have a look. So I walked down the road to number 47 Pallister Road, went round the corner to this dingy looking place, it was very dark, if you didn’t know the area you might be very wary, so I went to this door and up these wooden stairs, it was quite eerily and I could hear the banging coming from up stairs and the movement, so I went up stairs, I got to the door put my hand to the handle and paused for a moment, I could hear people training, so I opened the door and there it was ving tsun, people were training really hard, not killing themselves but training really hard, and what they were doing was a straight punch which was just what I was looking for.

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