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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


John Lowe

I started studying wing chun in 1998 after making the decision to get fit, however rather than just signing up to my local gym I actually wanted to learn something practical as well.

I remember years previously a friend of mine had taken up wing chun and I was immediately impressed when he explained some of the techniques he was learning – not only did they seem devastatingly effective it was apparent that they were based on a set of logical principles.

My first lesson did not disappoint, what impressed me most was the obvious emphasis on technique and principles such that size and strength did not matter. Over ten years later I'm still training, and whilst my fitness has improved greatly, it's still the principle based approach that I find most engaging about wing chun – where logic and response training prevail over brute strength. If you're after a no nonsense martial arts then wing chun is for you.

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