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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu



Name: Ryan
Age: 35+
Training: 9 years
Grade: Polishing my 7th

Started Because: I needed to start regular exercise, to discipline my body and keep my mind occupied. I tried dancing, but that wasn't challenging enough for me and I never was into sport. Why Wing Chun? Like most boys I watched many different types of martial arts films growing up and wanted to be able to do them all. Yet there was only one that ever got stuck in my head – The Prodigal Son. Something about the simple elegance and power struck a chord with me. I was even keener to find out more when I learnt the association's form was not a sport. So now I fight like a girl! (see history for explanation).

Kept Training Because: With many different training sessions available I have been able to change my training pattern to fit my life. Whether dropping to a single session a week or training for a whole week at a time, the flexibility the association has given me has meant I have been able to continue where elsewhere I believe I would have had to stop.

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